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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alright- I'm staying with Comcast

If you happened to read my post from last week about my plans to
leave Comcast, you know that I was unhappy with their prices for my current services. And you might have seen the comment left behind by a Comcast Customer Service representative asking me to get in touch to discuss my unhappiness.

Well- I did get in touch, through a couple different phone calls and a failed attempt to get logged into their online bill management system which required more phone calls to correct. And- I'm staying with Comcast; they have kept me as a customer for another year.

I'm keeping my existing cable and internet connection and adding their telephone service to replace my current service through MCI. All told, I'm reducing my monthly expenses by more than 100 dollars which is a very good thing. Comcast's prices for their services will be good for 12 months before reverting to the normal prices but maybe by then they will be offering a fixed price for life similar to their competitors.

But, after next week when everything gets switched over and the new modem gets installed and everything is working, I think I'm going to be happy with Comcast again. Thanks to their anxious-to-assist customer service staff.

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